DigDem is tailor-made for political meetings

DigDem has been, and continues to be, developed in close collaboration with municipalities and county councils in Norway. We have listened to politicians' needs to specialize in meetings in elected bodies. Through continuous testing and innovation, DigDem has become one of the leading systems for political meetings.


Gangen i et DigDem-møte
1. Møteadministrator setter opp møte

En av adminbrukerne setter opp møte, registrerer saker og legger inn dokumenter til sakene.

2. Innkalling sendes ut

Admin sender ut innkalling til alle møtedeltakere. Forfallshåndtering er automatisert: Hvis en politiker melder forfall sendes det automatisk ut innkalling til vara.

3. Innlogging

Møtedeltakerne logger inn i DigDem med autentisering via SMS. Slik ivaretas sikkerheten. Politikerne kan etter dette begynne å sende inn forslag og samarbeide i sakene.

4. Saksbehandling

Møteleder starter møtet til angitt tidspunkt. Under møtet kan deltakere melde seg på talerliste. Taletid vises og teller opp eller ned – avhengig av hva som er valgt av admin.

5. Votering

Votering skjer ved å trykke på knapp «for» eller «mot». Stemmen kan endres inntil voteringen er avsluttet. Voteringsresultat vises fortløpende.

6. Møteprotokoll

Møteprotokoll skrives automatisk av systemet og kan hentes ut etter endt møte. 

meeting notice

Speaker list and
time management


meeting documents


DigDem functionality

DigDem-municipalities are happy customers

All municipalities who use DigDem today have expressed that the system meets their needs. If there's something that can be improved, we listen to their input. Our customers' feedback help us on the way to develop the best solution for political meetings.

DigDem contributes to a more efficient conduction of political meetings, and give the administration time to more valuable work. 

«DigDem just works really well.»
Gunnar Wilhelmsen
Mayor, Tromsø municipality
"We're very glad that we acquired DigDem."
Ole Kristian Lundereng
Special consultant in the City Council Secretariat
Trondheim municipality
"With the speaker list functionality our meetings have become significantly more efficient."
Marius Thorstensen
Consultant, Askøy municipality

What meeting system to buy?

Through the years we have gained experience on public tender processes. We have learned that it can be hard to know which demands an organisation should make to a meeting system. 

Seeing a meeting system in use before making the purchase is often valuable. As a professional provider, we are happy to give input about what demands one should have in mind, and what functionality one should look for.


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Book a free demo of DigDem to see how it works. One from our team will give you a walkthrough and answer all questions you may have. A demo is completely non-binding.

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