DigDem is a wholly owned product of Jupiter System Partner AS.

Our company was established in 1999, and has since solved challenges for and delivered solutions to both the private and public sector. Our vision is: "Make our customers better".For us, this means that we are not merely content with delivering a solution. We want to be a partner that can help our customers become even better over time. To live up to our vision, we strive to always improve and help our customers.

DigDem was developed in collaboration with our innovation partner Trondheim municipality. DigDem contributes to more efficient conduct of meetings, while at the same time increasing the quality of the meetings. We have organizations, municipalities and companies as customers. DigDem is therefore used for annual meetings, national meetings, general meetings and more ordinary meetings. Our product is customized to meet the needs of the customer.

Today we have a number of satisfied customers who hold better meetings by using DigDem. The system is complete solution for hybrid, digital and physical meetings. DigDem is easy in use, and everyone can use it.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information, or a demonstration of DigDem.

We want to make your meetings better!

Our DigDem team

This is our skilled DigDem team that is constantly working to make DigDem better for our customers. A well-composed team of developers, quality assurance and managers. 

Together we strive to provide you the best meetings by using DigDem.

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Book a free demo of DigDem to see how it works. One from our team will give you a walkthrough and answer all questions you may have. A demo is completely non-binding.

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